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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

We will celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday with 'Big Sale On Black Friday & Cyber Monday' in all our stores. It is the perfect time to get all your Christmas gifts, Advent gifts and calender gifts settled for all the people you care about. 

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To Add Charm on You, We've Got Something for You

We have a huge collection of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in different styles and materials. So whether you are looking for chunky bracelets, hoop earrings or classic necklace, we definitely have something that meets your taste. And jewellery is a something special and personal gift that will be remembered forever. So start discovering here and be ready to go crazy on Black Friday.

It is the perfect time to get all your Christmas gifts, Advent gifts and calender gifts settled for all the people you care about, of coruse, including yourself!  look at all jewelleries in our store and make a wishlist with all the items you wish for and all the items you plan on giving as gifts.

Jewelry - the perfect gift to give yourself and your friend.

Unique Necklaces

Most women want to be different, but it's getting harder and harder to be different in life and still be distinctive and attractive. If you want to stand out, trust LANE WOODS. Our necklaces are exclusive designs, every one has their own style. With these unique necklaces, you will never meet the same ones in your lives. Whether going to work or going to party, our necklaces will be your best choice.

Black Friday Earrings

Good quality and delicate designs, enough to fascinate everyone. Now with big sales on Black Friday, no one could say no. Unlike necklaces, women need more types of earrings, long or short, studs or hoops, gold or silver...... Now this is the perfect time to buy, and will get mysterious gifts, miss it and you’ll regret it for a year.

Personal Bracelets

Hands are very important to woman, and a special bracelet will make your hands stand out. You can choose your personal bracelets, which will have your name, or the name of the person you care about most, or any other combination of letters that means something to you. Give yourself a personal bracelet, which is elegant and distinctive, will be a plus for you.

Black Friday Big Sale, Mysterious Gift For Free!

During this exciting promotion, we are offering - over $49 you can get a new free blind box(Tips: the quantity of the free gift is limited, not everyone can get one)This activity will last until November  30th, so the earlier you shop, the more you'll get, the more you'll save!

We prepare SEVEN series blind box for you! Let's see what kind of surprise doll might appear in your box~

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The sale period end November 30. Over $49, can get a surprise box for free and free shipping.