Moissanite vs Diamond: 5 Main Differences You Should to Know

The center gems of engagement rings is often a diamond in the United States, but there are alternatives that create an engagement ring as stunning.

What can replace diamonds? Well, moissanite, perhaps. Moissanite is a diamond-like alternative that is becoming a favorite option for budget-friendly as well as ethically sourced engagement rings.

We're Comparing Moissanite with Diamond and revealing the differences between moissanite vs diamond to help you choose the best stone!

Moissanite vs Diamond: Which is More Beautiful? (like brilliance, refractive index and fire)

Moissanite vs Diamond

Moissanite Vs Diamond Durability

The more durable material is the more difficult it is to chip or scratch. Although no gemstone is indestructible, certain gems are stronger and more durable to withstand wear and tear. It is fortunate that both diamonds and moissanite are excellent rings for engagements due to their incredible toughness.

If we are talking of the Mohs Scale of hardness, you know it is a measure of the resistance to scratching stone has, on a scale of 1-10. The diamonds scored an exemplary 10. For moissanite, it's not a slouch and is rated as a 9.5. The only method to scratch a moissanite is to slash it using a diamond.

Moissanite Vs Diamond Price

Cost is usually an important aspect when selecting the right engagement ring. If you are comparing diamonds vs moissanite it is clear that moissanite is the winner in the price range. It is significantly cheaper than other stones, including diamonds. This makes it an affordable option to pop the question.

This is because of supply and demand because Diamonds remain a popular choice within the US for engagement rings. Although the price of a Diamond is dependent on the cut, clarity as well as carat, and other specific characteristics like setting. Moissanite stones usually have similar prices and can fluctuate in a gradual manner depending on the dimensions or shape.

Moissanite Vs Diamond Sparkle

Sparkle is measured in brilliance, which is a measure relative to the refractive index of a stone and moissanite has a slight advantage over diamonds that have refractive indexes between 2.65 to 2.69 against diamond's refractive index which is 2.42. To be more precise facts, the refractive index of moissanite is more than diamonds. Therefore, when you see moissanite stones hit by the light it shines.

If you're considering a choice between diamond or moissanite, do you prefer a gem that twinkles and shines? If yes, moissanite could be the more suitable choice. If you want a more tamed, however, still gorgeous sparkle, diamonds definitely fit the need!

Moissanite Vs Diamond Color

Diamonds mined from diamonds are available in a wide range of shades ranging from icy white clear to gray or yellow shades. As with the snowflakes that you see, not two diamonds will look the same. the less colorless they are more precious. Diamonds are graded according to a scale of D-Z. In starting out in the scale, D diamonds are perfectly transparent, but as they move towards Z they begin to turn yellow. In reality, some diamonds might be brownish in color.

Because new Moissanites are cultivated in laboratories, the environment that the gem is growing in can be monitored and controlled to ensure the most stable and optimal quality results.

The majority of the Moissanites on the market present day are colorless. Moissanites are available in colors that are equivalent to the D-I spectrum, which is the highest two levels on the color scale.

Moissanite Vs Diamond Inclusions

Nearly every diamond has microscopic inclusions. Many people love the natural look of diamonds and are inclined to have a love for the imperfections present in diamonds that are natural. While they may be considered imperfections, the tiny imperfections are unique to each stone, allowing each one to be unique.

In contrast to diamonds, the majority of moissanite is produced in controlled conditions. The inclusions that are present in moissanite grown in labs are typically microscopic and don't affect the brilliance or clarity of the stone.

However, you can find low-quality moissanite without the highest clarity However, it's very rare.

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Our Best-Selling Rings

At Lane Woods Jewelry, these moissanite engagement rings are our most prominent conflict-free and eco-friendly options.

Oval Cut Moissanite Ring

Lots of people enjoy just how the size of oval-cut moissanite flatters their fingers. Unlike round, length-to-width percentages aren't standard so you can choose the look you such as best. The oval-cut moissanite looks terrific with moissanite pavé-set bands.

Their ageless form additionally offers itself well to classic styles. If you like a rounded style, but want a more distinct ring, this oblong moissanite ring will be an excellent selection. Made of S925 sterling silver or gold plated/rose gold.

Harper Moissanite Ring

The Harper Moissanite Bands are made from S925 sterling silver. This smashed ice oval is a delicate as well as lovely presentation of traditional single-stone rubies, particularly in yellow-gold settings. Just like all of our engagement rings, this setting is created to ensure that the ring can be flush.

Elegant Double Layer Design Moissanite Ring

This wonderfully designed wedding event collection includes a lovely involvement ring with an intense and also shiny, round cut center stone embeded in a halo, and also an elegant half-eternity wedding event band, this classic semi-channel 925 sterling silver collection will certainly keep her delighted for eternity!